In a decade long series of Wave paintings (sand, seawater, acrylic gesso, pigment, oil and charcoal) started on the beach in somewhat extreme weather conditions, nature was given an active role in the path and development of the paintings. The environment was allowed to impact and participate in the process. Imposing itself on the material, the wind and rain often created a somewhat athletic event. As with sea water, poured and splashed onto the surface, the rain was allowed to obscure or wash away passages, creating new opportunities to be explored and exploited back in the studio.

This group is my personal ode to Hokusai. A homage’ to the Sea. The series of Waves, is a non- photographic and mnemonic response to, my nostalgic view of, a surf culture replaced by the bombardment of cliché surf imagery and marketing. The antithesis of the attractions that the ocean, and to Art. As with all of the landscapes I paint, the idea was to speak of a transcending experience; a connection with the ocean or land that reflects on "the unknowable mysteries of life." In this case, pretty while being very unpredictable, chaotic and dangerous.


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